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Areas of Expertise
Homebuilding is and will continue to be Schmit Brothers main focus. Our comprehensive…
Commercial Development: Schmit Brothers is very involved in the commercial area and has built a…
Custom cabinets and furniture: Unlike many of our counterparts in this industry we have the capacity to…
List of Contacts
Owner/Sales- Rich
Construction – Dave Schmit / Ron Schmit
Billing – Patsy
Design/Drafting – Amy
Design/Scheduling/Estimates – Kathy
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About Us

Many people dream of building a home. For many, this will be their single largest purchase. Schmit Brothers knows this and strives to help create each client’s dream home. This starts with the exterior. Clients are encouraged to offer ideas of what they want to see when they drive up to their door. They often ask them to take pictures of what they like. These pictures usually tell a story even if the client is unaware of that story.

Once the exterior has been designed, things start to get a little more specific. For instance, where does the client want the sun to come up in the morning? Maybe there needs to be certain luxury items included. No matter what it is, Schmit Brothers can accommodate any request.

Some recent trends have included media rooms, steam showers, exotic woods and custom furniture, which Schmit Brothers makes in its custom cabinet shop.

Aside from building custom homes, furniture and cabinets, Schmit Brothers also has a thriving commercial business. They have currently built more than 15 Taco Bells in Fargo and the surrounding area.