Schmit Brothers Construction

Areas of Expertise
Homebuilding is and will continue to be Schmit Brothers main focus. Our comprehensive…
Commercial Development: Schmit Brothers is very involved in the commercial area and has built a…
Custom cabinets and furniture: Unlike many of our counterparts in this industry we have the capacity to…
List of Contacts
Owner/Sales- Rich
Construction – Dave Schmit / Ron Schmit
Billing – Patsy
Design/Drafting – Amy
Design/Scheduling/Estimates – Kathy
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Our History

Richard Schmit grew up near the small town of Tintah, Minnesota. From a family of 10, Richard acquired his carpentry skills from his father, Jerome. Even at a very young age, Richard helped operate farm equipment. It was not all work though as his spare time was spent building go-karts. This led to a can-do attitude that he still lives by today.

Richard began his business in 1983 after graduating from Moorhead Technical College. It was a family affair from the very beginning. Schmit made a place for every sibling that wanted to be a part of his business. Business does not get in the way of family relations though. Richard attributes this to their tight knit relations – a result of losing both of their parents at a very young age.

A commitment to hard work and unique style has kept them booked for business in Fargo and the surrounding communities. After working in this community for so many years, Richard has created some lasting friendships. Many of his clients are repeat customers who do not require firm estimates. That trust is something that Richard treasures and is another reason why he believes Fargo has been so good for him, his business and his family.